A Message from Our President

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There is little chance that each of you has not at least heard of COVID-19 and unfortunately, we know that some have been more significantly impacted by this virus than others. With the challenges presented that both yourselves and our team here at staySky Vacation Clubs have had to face, the need to react to constantly changing information and adapt to the ongoing evolution within our families, businesses and governments guidelines has been and will continue to be a focus for at least the near term. Safety continues to be of paramount concern and we hope that you and your families are staying protected and staying healthy.

As I am sure you are aware, Orlando as a destination has been significantly impacted. Orlando and the surrounding market virtually shut down for a period that has lasted nearly two months to include hotels, timeshare resorts, restaurants, shopping and of course the major attractions such as Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando; much of the same restrictions that I am sure you have been experiencing wherever you live. The licensing for our type of resorts was restricted from taking any new reservations for all of this time period and it was not until May 21st that Florida’s Governor lifted that restriction. Because of these restrictions and the stay-at-home orders that most of us have experienced in one form or another, we had to severely curtail accepting any reservations from our members during this time. Likewise, and as I am sure you can imagine, even though the restriction on reservations has been lifted, we must go through a complete reopening process to ensure that when we welcome you back all efforts have been taken to meet the guidelines issued to date for your safety and health. The theme parks are also struggling with the ability to do this effectively which is why Walt Disney World will still not be open until mid-July.

Throughout the State of Florida phase II reopening is now underway and we are pleased to announce that we are accepting reservations for your Club Resorts with an effective arrival date of June 15th, 2020. However, we will still be somewhat limited in availability as several of our resorts are still going through their reopening process and will not be available until after June 30th. Visitors will now find that shopping complexes have the ability to be fully open and restaurants are at 50% capacity. Additionally, movie theaters have now been released to be open as well as Disney Springs, Universal’s City Walk and the ICON 360 complex on International Drive. Many of the smaller, but equally-worth-visiting, smaller attractions are also now open. The only domestic traveler restrictions at this time continue to be for residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Louisiana. We look forward to having those members visit us again as soon as the restrictions have been lifted by our Governor.

The Orlando International Airport has also announced that they anticipate domestic air service to make a comeback throughout June when they expect to have restored nonstop service to 67 U.S. destinations from their usual 90 destinations. The airlines are starting to see more flight bookings than cancellations as more and more people are taking to the skies. International air traffic however will continue to be curtailed until at least near the end of August.

As some of you know, given the challenges this dynamic situation has presented to our members’ ability and desire to travel, we made some temporary favorable changes to our cancellation policies in order to provide as much flexibility as possible with the need of our members to modify their plans as time has progressed. We are also committed to the ongoing review of these policies and to adapt as necessary to further changes in the COVID-19 response.

Further below is some additional information that may prove useful for you, much of which you have already likely heard or experienced firsthand.

We recognize the uncertainty caused by this pandemic and are here to support you in any way we can. If you have questions about our preparedness, changes to your travel plans, if you have any questions, or if we can assist in any way, please be sure to contact your Member Engagement Team at 1-877-560-2070.

We sincerely appreciate you as a valued member of staySky Vacation Clubs and eagerly await your return to Orlando and look forward to welcoming you back to any one of your Club Resorts.

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy,

Randy Steinbeck
President, staySky® Vacation Clubs