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The purpose of the Referral Program (“staySky® Rewards Program”) is to obtain from program participants the names and contact information of qualified prospective purchasers (“Qualified Referral”) of staySky® Vacation Clubs. Rewards are limited to staySky® Vacation Clubs Members and Navigator Travel Club Members registered under this program (collectively “Participants”) and in Good Standing, as defined below. Participants in the   staySky® Rewards Program are not authorized to sell, offer to sell, or negotiate the sale of any personal property or real property on behalf of staySky® Vacation Clubs. The staySky® Rewards Program is not a contest, prize or gift promotion. Participants will receive a $25 Maintenance & Tax Reward Voucher or 2,500 Reward Credits (whichever is applicable) for any Qualified Referral that attends a sales presentation subsequent to being referred and registered by a Participant. For each Qualified Referral that becomes a member of staySky® Vacation Clubs and which purchase becomes “Good Business,” the Participant will earn a $250 Maintenance & Tax Reward Voucher or 25,000 Reward Credits for use in conjunction with the staySky® Escapes program.  Each Reward Voucher and/or specified Reward Credits are a “Reward.”  Good Business for a Qualified Referral shall be defined as any purchase which completes the contractual rescission period without cancelling and paid a full down payment pursuant to the terms of the executed purchase agreement. “Qualified Referral” means a  person referred by a Participant to the staySky® Rewards Program that meets certain requirements as established by staySky® Vacation Clubs, including written communication by the Participant of the referred party name (“Party”), an active and current telephone number of the Party, an active and current email address and residence address of the Party, and the Party agrees to participate in a sales presentation. A Reward may only be redeemed by participating Members  who are in Good Standing by being current on all monthly payments, annual fees, or other monies due staySky® Vacation Club Development, LLC; staySky® Vacation Membership Club Development, LLC; SVC Travel Club, LLC, related entities (including for profit and not-for-profit), or any affiliate. A Reward may only be redeemed in the State of Florida. Duplicate referrals will not qualify for a Reward. If more than one Participant submits an identical Qualified Referral, the first Participant verified to have submitted the Qualified Referral will receive the Reward for that submission. staySky® Vacation Clubs reserves the right to alter, limit, modify, cancel or add rules, regulations, qualifications and other program requirements at its sole discretion and without prior notice at any time. A Reward conferred upon a Participant in connection with the StaySky® Rewards Program may be subject to tax reporting, tax, liability, or other charges which, if incurred, are the sole responsibility of the Participant. staySky® Vacation Clubs shall have the right, in the case of fraud or abuse involving the StaySky® Rewards Program, to limit or void any Reward Voucher or Reward Credits and to restrict any Participant’s future access to the program. This program is void where prohibited by law.


In order to qualify under the StaySky® Rewards Program and enable Participants to receive Reward Vouchers or Reward Credits, referrals must meet the following conditions:

  • The Referral must be pre-registered with StaySky® Rewards prior to date of the sales presentation.
  • The Referral must attend a 120-minute sales presentation.  If married, husband and wife must attend the presentation together. If unmarried, cohabitating couples must attend the presentation together.
  • The Referral must be 25+ in age with a valid government issued photo identification and a major credit card.
  • The Referral must have a combined gross household income of at least $50,000.00.
  • The Referral must not have toured any Navigator Software or Affiliate location in the past twelve (12) months.
  • The Referral must be credit worthy for any financed purchases.