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about staySky® Vacation Clubs

You work hard. You deserve a vacation that meets your busy lifestyle and gives you the chance to breathe, to spend time with your loved ones, to recharge, and to lose yourself in the moment enjoying all the best things in life.

staySky® Vacation Clubs is the answer to your overwhelming need for a quality vacation. We have created our Vacation Clubs with the simple goal of ensuring that our members stay happy. It’s a broad undertaking, but as vacation experts, we’re up for the challenge.

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Stay Each & Every Year With Points

It all started with our uncompromising mission to provide a high-quality, service-centric vacation and membership club opportunity to potential members who are interested in investing in a lifetime of travel. It’s why we do what we do each and every day, and that’s where we started – with a mission.

Based on time-tested vacation club and timeshare models, coupled with our intimate knowledge and experience in the vacation ownership industry, staySky® Vacation Clubs is a points-based system. This model gives our members the ultimate flexibility and control over their vacation lifestyle.

As a member, each year you will receive an annual allotment of staySky® Points according to the membership program you choose that meets your vacation needs. Your points act as a vacation currency which gives you the buying power to:

  • Take vacations within the staySky® Resort system;
  • Access vacation resorts worldwide through staySky® Vacation Clubs’ partnership with Interval International’s global points system;
  • Bank your staySky® Points for use in the following year;
  • Borrow staySky® Points for more vacation action in the current year;
  • Or earn staySky® Escapes reward credits to enhance your vacation experience!

It’s time to place the value on your time off that it deserves. Choose staySky® Vacation Clubs and stay happy each and every year.

Stay Sure

At staySky® Vacation Clubs, we are committed to offering our members the vacations they’ve only dreamt of taking. Whether it’s a short drive from home, or a journey to a distant destination, we want to give our members all the tools to stay happy on their vacations.

To that end, we’ve partnered with key travel affiliates to provide membership benefits central to our core commitment. With staySky®, you can stay sure that you are connected to a world of vacation options, with new and improved member benefits added regularly. We’re keeping things fresh and easy, so you can sit back and stay happy no matter where your travel plans take you.

Stay International

Interval International® offers staySky® members the ability to exchange to destinations around the globe with a complimentary Interval Gold® membership. This points-based exchange system gives a network of nearly 3,000 resorts in more than 80 nations, and pairs perfectly with staySky®’s priority of keeping members excited about their vacations each and every year.

For more on point exchange options, click here to review “How an Exchange Works”.

Stay with the Experts

staySky® Resort Management is the tool by which we deliver our one-of-a-kind vacation experiences to our members and guests. As one of Central Florida’s largest and most successful condominium-resort, hotel, and hospitality management organizations, we provide a unique portfolio of hotel condominium-resort properties and the management services which result in success.

staySky® Resort Management is a diverse and innovative organization committed to conducting business with integrity, a nurturing spirit, and social awareness. We are passionate about delivering outstanding services and products to the global community, including:

  • Hotel & Resort Management: Customized support for each property in our care.
  • Sales, Marketing, & E-Commerce: On-site sales teams create engaging programs which build consumer relationships, while innovative marketing techniques position each property for success.
  • Revenue Management: Our award-winning team employs advanced inventory and revenue management tools to create continuous market share growth.
  • Finance & Accounting: Operating with complete transparency, we have developed consistent reporting systems and built strong investor and lender relationships.
  • Human Resources: Our HR team recruits the best and ensures top-of-the-line professional training.
  • Food & Beverage: We offer high quality culinary experiences with exceptional food and service.
  • High-Profile Resort Amenities: Our guests have access to premium amenities: swimming pools, fitness centers, spas, sundries, gift shops, etc.
  • Centralized Management Services: staySky® handles all the details: purchasing, reservation servicing, sales and marketing representation, etc.
  • Information Technology: We are on the cutting edge of hotel systems allowing us to operate efficiently in an ever-changing world market.
  • Condominium & Association Management: staySky® offers complete, licensed Condominium Property Management services.
  • Member Services: staySky®’s direct line of communication with our members available 24/7!
  • Project Development: We work closely with our partners to manage the hotel, resort, and condominium development process for optimum market presence and profitability.