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staySky® Vacation Clubs is pleased to present its members with vacation options and benefits that span the globe and enhance their vacation experiences. As a staySky® member, you will enjoy enrollment in the Interval Gold program with worldwide resorts available, and then benefit greatly from staySky® Escapes. Each of these dynamic programs gives you the added perks that make for truly memorable vacations. staySky® Vacation Clubs wants to give its members the world, with vacation options and benefits that will broaden your vacation horizons.

  • Interval International
  • staySky® Escapes

staySky® is proudly partnered with Interval International®, our premium affiliate that allows staySky® Vacation Clubs members to choose from nearly 3,000 resorts in more than 80 nations! The possibilities are virtually endless, and there are many fantastic benefits you will receive just because you are a staySky® Vacation Clubs Member. We’re sure each destination will exceed your expectations. We chose Interval International® as our exchange partner because it makes a whole world of vacation destinations available to you. staySky Vacation Clubs Members get great getaway discounts with advance-booking, and our Best Price Guarantee. You can also plan Short-Stay® Exchanges, using your staySky® Points – and Interval Options, so you can use your points toward booking a cruise, a spa-experience, golf outing, or other exciting travel excursions. You can also get Hertz Gold Plus Rewards and earn bonus points!

When you are a staySky® Vacation Clubs member,

you stay happy.

staySky® Vacation Clubs Members also get valuable discounts at thousands of hotels worldwide, and at 90,000 restaurants and retail outlets across the U.S. and Canada. Plus, our VIP Concierge provides members with 24/7 personal-assistance services – and our Priority Passes provide you with discounted membership access to over 600 airport VIP lounges.

staySky® Escapes:

As part of your staySky® Vacation Clubs Membership experience, we are pleased to present to you staySky® Escapes. This innovative program will provide your family with a myriad of additional vacation experiences to ensure that as your vacation needs grow, staySky® Vacation Clubs will always have the best choices to make all of your holiday dreams a reality. staySky® Escapes provides you a world of exciting vacation benefits including:

  • Worldwide nightly stays at more than 185,000 hotels and resorts;
  • 13 cruise lines offering itineraries at exciting ports of call in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Caribbean, Mexico, and more;
  • Exotic tours and exclusive excursions, such as wine country tours, safaris, and European cycling tours;
  • Private yacht and sailboat charters;
  • Special vacation deals and member-only discounts.

In addition to vacation travel, staySky® Escapes can help you have more fun and save money during your vacation, including:

  • Great deals on airline tickets;
  • Rental car discounts at more than 4,000 locations;
  • Theme Park tickets;
  • Special tickets for concerts, sporting events, and headline shows;
  • Golf Tee Times, offering discounts from 30 to 60%.

Even when you’re at home and not on vacation, your staySky® Escapes membership also allows you to enjoy all of your exclusive membership benefits:

  • Shopping and dining discounts;
  • Wine club offerings;
  • eCards;
  • Community news and weekly email promotions.

When you take advantage of staySky® Escapes’ many vacation benefits, the money you spend also comes back to you as credits that can be spent in additional ways, such as:

  • Use your credits to reduce or pay your staySky® maintenance fees!
  • Use your credits to reduce the price or pay for future vacation travel, including airfare!

So, as you can see, when you are not visiting wonderful staySky® Vacation Clubs resorts, you can take advantage of an unlimited number of vacation opportunities that will fulfill your family’s dreams for a lifetime. Take a cruise, hike across Europe, or plant your feet in the warm Caribbean sand. Take your vacations, your way – with unlimited choices.

Stay Happy. staySky® Vacation Clubs.